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Web Marketing & Advertising

Web Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & advertising service for “the maximization of customer ROI”; we provide localized cutting edge web technology and marketing know how from the United States into the Japan market.


▼Audience targeting advertising media (DSP)
This new advertising technology is becoming the main stream in the United States. It enables you to reduce wasted cost for advertising delivery and advertising itself and to deliver ads only to the fruitful target customers defined by your company.

You are able to set your target customers as viewers of either your website or other company’s’ websites and so on. Purchasing Interested “audiences” whom you are contacting rather than buying “ad spots” will enables you to improve your branding efficiently and acquire quality customers, at lower cost.


▼Free insurance comparison service
We also offer a website which enables our customers to compare insurance quotes free of charge.A website for free consultation service of revision of insurances.

On-site service to introduce a partner financial planner from 500 carefully selected financial planner across the country to users who are considering reviewing the insurance or the purchase of new insurance.